Is Avast Any Good For Mac

Avast Secureline VPN offers different subscriptions for different devices. For PC or Mac, it offers 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year subscriptions.

Affordability Avast! Offer an amazing free solution which millions of people use but comparing a free version to paid wouldn’t seem fair. Obviously, Avast! Also offer a paid solution otherwise we wouldn’t be reviewing them right now. So, their Pro Antivirus works out at $39.99 per year per device. Only offering 1 device protection per subscription is quite disappointing as the average citizen now owns 2.5 internet connected devices!

Most companies nowadays will allow at least 2 devices per subscription to cater for the average consumer. However Avast!

Do offer a 30 day free trial which is a great way to try out their software with no commitment whatsoever. Product Reliability Avast!

Is a company with a great reputation and tons of awards to back up this up. Software is always evolving however, so awards can quickly become out-dated and not representative of the current software the company produces. However if the company has so many awards you’d expect them to always produce quality goods.

Well that’s not always the case, Norton for example produced a very unstable version of their AV and consumers were going mad, we don’t blame them. Viruses are always being changed in order to get around AVs so if they can’t keep up with the times, serious threats could start to sneak through. We performed our own testing with some of the most recent and aggressive viruses and honestly, the software is performed flawlessly and looks great too. Product Features One feature stands out to us and that’s ‘Sandbox’ - A tool that allows the user to run any file within a confined and controlled virtual environment. If the file is malicious it won’t cause any damage to the device when in this mode, as it’s not actually running on the device, but in this virtual mode. A very handy and innovative tool to reduce the chance of viruses getting on your device.

Also comes with the standard features like, real-time scanning, a quarantine and even bonus features like a password manager and browser security tool. In other words the software is packed full of features. James M Murphy - Note: False Positive on HTml:Script-inf notices I've gotten False Positives on at least 3 web authoring utilities I use and was trying to report this to help Avast out and let them know about the utilities and Authors but Avast is not set up to work with their clients!

Best client for mac. The symptoms I'm seeing (black screen or frozen screen) are very similar to the issues I had using mstsc.exe on a Win 7 machine. The Windows solution to the bug so far is to turn off in the Experience settings.

Very dissapointed in the circular website to phone back to website setup Avast has to discourage anyone reporting problems. I was going to report That this is a false positive (typical avast false detection).


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