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I finally found a software that allows me to convert the Outlook for Mac 2011 back into Outlook for Windows 2010 PST files. It requires a two step approach: 1. Open Outlook 2011 for Mac and open a finder Window. Drag a directory from the left navigation pane in Outlook 2011 and drop it into the finder window. It can take up to a few minutes without any prompt of progress window. Once finished, you find a file named directoryname.mbox in your finder window. Purchase and download the software MBOX converter from SoftLay.

The software costs 69 USD. You can test it first by downloading a demo license that extracts only 5 email files. The MBOX Converter takes the mbox file created in step 1 as the input and converts it into a PST file, with all the directory and sub-directory structure of the original folder in Outlook 2011. Finally I have a working solution to port the Outlook 2011 message store back to Outlook 2010 if I have to. I previously used a local IMAP server, bit that process was too cumbersome and time consuming. I hope you find this tip useful. How to Sync the Outlook Message Store between two Macs?

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That brings me to my next challenge: I have several Macs and I mainly use the 11' MBA 2012 for travel and the 15' MBP 2012 in the office or at home. For data file synchronization I am using Goodsync, which I warmly recommend as it works on and between the Mac and PC platform. While working with PST files, the syncing between a Outlook 2010 (VM or Bootcamp) and a PC works just great in peer to peer sync mode, only the changed blocks are updated. Now on the native Outlook 2011 on the two macs the syncing seems to be a bit trickier. The offline message store is no longer conveniently in one or several PST files, it is spread over thousands of files under the directory tree /Users/username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/ Is it save to just sync this directory tree between the two macs (left to right or right too left)? Today's save option I use is to delete the messages on the to-be-updated- mac and import a previously exported OLM file from the other mac. With a message store of 8GB, that is a pretty time consuming process.

I want to do a sync in minutes, not hours. Click to expand.Here's a free solution: If you can connect to the Exchange server you can get the mail to the Mac that way. For files that are in local folders, move them bak to the server on the PC, get them on the Mac and move them to a local folder there. If space is an issue, do it in batches - move to server, move to Mac, move back to a local folder on the PC. This would work in the other direction (Mac -> PC) as well. Buy office for mac 2016. There is a program O2M that migrates.pst to Mail as well by converting the file. There is a way I found after many hours (I did not find a decent procedure or answer in almost all the important tech forums) to successfully import my Mac Outlook 2011 (O11) mails to Windows Outlook 2010 (O10).